What We Offer

Nurturing Thinkers

Our Standard Programme and Mastery Programme will provide ample learning opportunities for your children in our student care centres.

Standard Programme

Mastery Programme

  • Homework and Spelling Supervision
  • Schoolwork Revision
  • Character Connections
  • Joyous ‘O’ Celebrations
  • Fit to Grit Outdoor Play
  • Special Holiday Programme
  • Creativity Craft
  • Reading Odyssey
  • Readers’ Theatre
  • Music & Movement
  • Learning with iPads
  • Computational Thinking Workshop

Fit to Grit Outdoor Play

Our structured outdoor play fosters communication and teamwork. Children will get to hone their motor skills while having fun with their peers. 


Our vast enrichment activities enhance the learning opportunities by going beyond the classrooms. We intend for every child to reach their maximum potential.

Special Holiday Programme

School holiday is when the children can break away from the daily schedule and unwind. Our weekly thematic activities are stimulating, interesting and able to satisfy a child’s curious mind.

Check out the Father’s Day stop motion video done by our students using iPads!

Character Connections

As a school-based student care operator, our key role is to assimilate the school’s values among the students and assist the school in fostering good character of the child by enriching his life holistically in ways that will transcend his learning journey with us.

Character building is carried out every day through routines, interactions and customised Character Development Programme in each of our student care centres.

The important aspects of our Character Development Programme include cultivating positive values, habits and attitudes, strengthening self-confidence and developing leadership qualities.

Through our Character Development Programme, we will help to nurture every child to be an excellent member of the community beyond just academic excellence.