Engaging Families

The quality student care service that we provide will help put to ease the minds of parents who are both working, thereby strengthening home-centre partnerships.

Parents are invited to join our student care centre’s yearly events and activities. Parents are also encouraged to read our newsletters and notifications to learn more about the programmes and happenings in Learning Studio Educare.

Home-Centre Partnership

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How to download the Parent Portal App:

  1. Search for “Cyberland” in AppStore or Playstore.

  2. Download “Parent PH”.

  3. Choose Centre as “Learning  Studio Educare” from the drop-down field. Do not type out.

  4. Key in your email address that is registered with us (in small letters).

  5. Key in your child’s birth certificate number (in capital letters).


Important features:

  1. Each parent can log in individually.

  2. All children’s information are shown in the same account.

  3. Receive push notifications of your child’s sign in and sign out timings for attendance.

  4. View newsletters, announcements, invoices, receipts and useful information.


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