Student Care

Learning Studio Educare, a After-School Kids’ Club in MOE primary schools, provides students with a safe place to go after school and during the school holidays as well as a positive outlet for their energy. Our students, especially those who need us most, will have a positive and enriching experience when the school bell rings, putting them on the path to becoming the Thinkers of Tomorrow.

Student Care Centre

Our Programme Staff

Nurturing the child is a partnership among educators, parents and the community. Our student care programme staff follows according to the guidelines and the ethos embedded in the educator’s profession. We are committed to play an important role as educarers in guiding and mentoring the children in our centres.

Our student care programme staff consists of retired school teachers, former school teachers and passionate staff who enjoy working with students. We guide the child to believe that he is of value and nurture him in such a way that the child becomes his best self.

School-based Student Care Benefits for your child:

  • School homework and spelling supervision

  • Schoolwork revision

  • Warm shower and nutritious meals

  • Enrichment programmes inclusive weekly

  • Exciting school holiday thematic programmes

  • Mind-stimulating learning resources like our Artec Blocks and iPads

  • Safe and secure environment within the school

  • Affordable fees for all parents

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Student Care Centre


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